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The Platform Is Helpful For Beginners, And It Is User-Friendly. As A Beginner, I Started Trading With Their Exclusive Guides And Now I Have A Good Trading Portfolio For Myself.


Harris Goodenough

Senior manager

Being An EFI Market User For 1 Year, I Must Say You Cannot Find A Platform Better Than This. Few Unfortunate Situations Happen In Trading Due To Wide And Dynamic Spreads. Except That The Platform Is Excellent.



Senior manager

The EFI Market Is A Wonderful Platform To Trade, And Its Analytical Tools Are The Best In Taking Informed Trading Decisions. Their Customer Support Is Excellent.



Senior manager

Market News & Analysis

    dateicon Jan. 25,2022 | 07:25 AM

GLOBAL Stocks, yields rise as traders balance China, oil supply

After a collapse last week in stock market, European equities slightly increased on Monday. In contrast, longer-dated U.S. Treasury rates increased to a fresh 12-year high as oil...

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    dateicon Jan. 25,2022 | 07:25 AM

Forex Hedging: What is It and How Do You Use It?

Forex hedging is a tactic used to safeguard a position in a currency pair against a negative change. When a trader is concerned about news or an event...

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    dateicon Jan. 25,2022 | 07:25 AM

BSE Sensex, Nifty Decline; ITC, ICICI Bank Shares In Red; Majority Of Adani Group Firms Trade In Green

In a choreography of financial ebbs and flows, the BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 embarked on a complex waltz on Thursday morning, a symphony of decline underscored by...

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Forex is an over-the-counter market where traders buy and sell currencies. The foreign exchange rate market depends on determining how much it costs to buy the currency of one country with the currency of another country. Depending on the fluctuations, the trader buys and sells currencies to get profit from the difference.

EFI market offers you seamless and easy trading on our platform. We will provide you with the best tools and insight into different markets in real-time. Any problems or queries from you will be solved within a short time as our customer support is there for you to help 24/7.

The intrinsic value of the stock depends on the number of dividends paid to you as a shareholder of the stock. Dividend entirely depends on how much money the company makes. No one knows how much money the company will make and there are a lot of speculations about it. Experts use advance analysis and insights to speculate the earning. This is a repeating circle and so based on the predictions, the stocks will fluctuate up and down, this applies for every stock and stock market in the world.

Yes, trading commodities is safer compared to other instruments. Because, the price of commodities will not face sudden rise and fall, and each commodity price will be determined based on supply and demand. However, you need to consider the other risk factors when it comes to trading.

Yes, trading indices through this method is beneficial due to its ability to minimize risks and enhance flexibility through various advantages. These include ease of entry and exit in the market, greater flexibility compared to traditional markets, potential tax efficiency depending on the country of trade, the absence of expiration dates in trading, the requirement of only a minimal investment amount, among others.