Trade Bond with EFI market

Bonds are fixed-income debt securities where you don’t need to own the product itself. Trading Bonds is the easiest way to speculate rise and fall without owning the bonds. You can go long or short based on the speculated price movements with the EFI market and benefit from the US 10-year treasury bond and the German bund. You can leverage your position in Bonds trading to proliferate your gains. EFI market offers up to 5:1 leverage and selected the best bonds catering to both long and short-term for you to trade and speculate.

Pick the proper bond for your strategy with the EFI market, as we offer a cost-effective and versatile way to trade bonds. You can also enjoy the ultra-lower spread, profitable, and cost-efficient trading with the EFI market.

Our featured products

You can trade leading bond Contracts for Difference in the EFI market.


10-year US Treasury Note

  • Leverage up to 1:5 for Retail Clients.
  • Contract size, bonds 100.0
  • Typical spread, pips 6.0
  • Minimum contract, lots 1.0


Germany Bund

  • Leverage up to 1:5 for Retail Clients.
  • Contract size, bonds 100.0
  • Contract size, bonds 100.0
  • Minimum contract, lots 1.0

Speculate the rise and fall of Government bonds
with the world’s leading trading platform

Benefits of trading Bond contracts


Competitive leverage, Higher yields

Margin requirements for trading Bonds is as much as low as 20% and create a higher yield


Low market fluctuations

Bonds exhibit lower volatility compared to other Contracts for Difference assets like Forex, shares, and commodities, yet they still maintain some degree of volatility.


Zero Commission

No extra cost on Bonds and maximize the trade. You can go long or short to build a diverse portfolio

Why EFI Market?

You can trade a wide range of Bonds with the EFI market. But keep this in mind, this leveraged trading brings you profitable wins and also losses.

Effective Risk Management

Competitive Leverage prices

  • Leverage Price Starts From 1:5 For Retail Traders.
  • You Can Start Trade With Just 50 Euro And Save Further With No Commission.

Trade on your own accord

  • You Can Go Long Or Short On Any Bond. No Further Charges On Short Sales.
  • Endless Trading Opportunities Both In A Rising And Falling Market.
Trade Anywhere, Anytime

Profit & Loss Control

  • As a Trader, You can define limits & stops & request to close the position at a specified price.
  • Price alerts setup is here to know about the big moves.

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The Platform Is Helpful For Beginners, And It Is User-Friendly. As A Beginner, I Started Trading With Their Exclusive Guides And Now I Have A Good Trading Portfolio For Myself.


Harris Goodenough

Senior manager

Being An EFI Market User For 1 Year, I Must Say You Cannot Find A Platform Better Than This. Few Unfortunate Situations Happen In Trading Due To Wide And Dynamic Spreads. Except That The Platform Is Excellent.



Senior manager

The EFI Market Is A Wonderful Platform To Trade, And Its Analytical Tools Are The Best In Taking Informed Trading Decisions. Their Customer Support Is Excellent.



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