Trade Commodity Contracts with EFI market

Commodities are basic blocks of the global economy. Commodities trading is the process of buying and selling Contracts that have raw materials like wheat or sugar as underlying assets. Generally, there are two types of commodities: Hard and soft. Soft commodities include sugar, coffee, cocoa, corn, soybean, livestock, and fruits. Whereas hard commodities include metal or liquids like rubber, gold, and oil. Trading Commodity Contracts are highly profitable and safe against inflation making them a better choice for Contracts trading.

Trading commodities in the EFI market provides you with greater liquidity and leverage trading which will increase your chances of winning and getting high returns.

Live commodities prices

Trade the unbelievable growing list of hard and soft commodities with EFI market now .

Benefits of trading Commodity Contracts


Protection against inflation

Commodity Contracts is safe against inflation i.e. when the economies meet the inflation, the commodities’ prices will go up.


High Profit

Since commodities Contracts are traded on margin, there will be high potential results associated with risks .


Low Startup Cost

The initial trading cost of Commodity Contracts are very less. You can start trading with just $100.

Why EFI Market?

You can trade different commodities Contracts with the EFI market. But keep this in mind, this leveraged trading brings you profitable wins and also losses.


Leverage Trading in Forex

  • Commodities are available to trade up to 10:1 leverage.
  • You can start trading even with 100$ to control a position of 1000$

Commodities Contracts

  • You can trade 24/5 on a wide variety of commodities
  • Endless trading opportunities both in a rising and falling market .

Profit & Loss Control

  • As a trader, you can define limits and stops and request to close the position at a specified price.
  • Price alert setup is here to know about the big moves.

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The Platform Is Helpful For Beginners, And It Is User-Friendly. As A Beginner, I Started Trading With Their Exclusive Guides And Now I Have A Good Trading Portfolio For Myself.


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Being An EFI Market User For 1 Year, I Must Say You Cannot Find A Platform Better Than This. Few Unfortunate Situations Happen In Trading Due To Wide And Dynamic Spreads. Except That The Platform Is Excellent.



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The EFI Market Is A Wonderful Platform To Trade, And Its Analytical Tools Are The Best In Taking Informed Trading Decisions. Their Customer Support Is Excellent.



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