Tesla Stock Rises As EV Maker Reveals Massive Spending Plans On Various Projects, Including AI

Tesla Stock Rises


  • Over the next few years, Tesla has announced intentions to invest tens of billions of dollars in a variety of projects, including the development of artificial intelligence devices.
  • The manufacturer of electric vehicles anticipates capital spending of over $10 billion in 2024 and between $8 and $10 billion in the next two fiscal years.
  • Tesla clarified that the initiatives will be funded by company cash flow and sales growth.


Shares of Tesla (TSLA) surged over 3% on Monday afternoon following the announcement by the electric vehicle (EV) giant regarding its ambitious investment plans for the upcoming years.

According to a regulatory filing, Tesla revealed its intention to allocate tens of billions of dollars towards various projects in the foreseeable future. The company anticipates capital expenditures exceeding $10 billion for the current year, with projected figures between $8 billion and $10 billion for the subsequent two years.

Tesla outlined its multifaceted approach, which includes the simultaneous expansion of new product lines, establishment and scaling up of manufacturing facilities across three continents, exploration of advanced battery cell technologies, expansion of its Supercharger network, and substantial investments in autonomy and other AI-driven initiatives.

Regarding funding, Tesla expressed confidence in its ability to cover these expenditures. The company highlighted its consistent positive cash flow from operations, which has consistently surpassed capital outlays. Furthermore, sustained sales growth has contributed to generating positive cash flow.

Tesla emphasized that the pace and scale of its spending would be contingent upon project priorities, achievement of milestones, production adjustments, capital efficiencies, and the incorporation of new initiatives. Despite potential variations, Tesla foresees its capacity for self-funding to persist, as long as prevailing macroeconomic conditions continue to support its sales trajectory.

Despite the positive news, Tesla shares were trading at $189.12, reflecting a 3.2% increase at 2:15 p.m. ET on Monday. Nevertheless, the stock has experienced a cumulative decline of over 20% since the beginning of the year. This decline accelerated last week following the company’s announcement of fourth-quarter earnings, which fell short of market expectations. Additionally, Tesla hinted at the possibility of “notably lower” vehicle volume growth in 2024, further impacting investor sentiment.

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